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How to Use the Sublimation Fabric Printer Nozzle Cleaning Solution?

Sublimation fabric printer nozzle cleaning is also very particular, cleaning will use a special cleaning solution for the nozzle. So, do you know how to use the cleaning solution?

The nozzles are also divided into two categories for dyes and pigments. The fabric sublimation printer uses dye sublimation ink, so the nozzle is definitely the model for dye ink. The cleaning method is as follows: the cleaning liquid is poured into the vessel, and the height is just soaked in the nozzle, so that the cleaning liquid does not contact the circuit board of the nozzle.

Mutoh sublimation fabric printer

Allow the nozzle to continue to bubble in the cleaning solution for more than a few hours (better overnight) so that the cleaning solution works. When immersed, it is used in conjunction with the sublimation printer nozzle cleaner to enhance the clearing effect.

If you need to clean the inside of the cartridge, heat the cleaning solution to 60℃, pour it into the sponge, let the cleaning solution melt the agglomerated ink inside, use it with the nozzle cleaner, and then melt the ink that has been melted. Draw it out or dry it with a centrifuge.

Epson sublimation fabric printer

Note: The special cleaning solution for the nozzle is only suitable for the printing effect caused by the precipitation of the ink in digital sublimation printer, such as the corrosion due to impurities in the inferior ink or the corrosion of the inferior ink, precipitation, etc., and other reasons,is not within the scope of this product.

If you are unclear about ink performance or use self-adhesive ink, be sure to test the ink before cleaning. Pour the ink you use into a small container, add the cleaning solution, and observe whether it dissolves completely quickly. If not, please do not clean the nozzle, replace the correct type of cleaning solution.