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Sublimation Printing Ink-What Factors Affect the Amount of Ink Consumed?

Regarding the problem of sublimation printing ink loss, we want to know what factors will affect it. The first thing to understand is the color coverage problem. So, what is color coverage? Simply put, a piece of paper is divided into a hundred small cells, and the ratio of colored squares can be understood as color coverage.

For example, if you use a printer to print a 1.5-meter wide image, if more than 90% of the image needs to be printed, it must be more than 10% to print the color fee. The same image, the color coverage is different, and it takes a lot of money. The amount of digital printing ink is also different, so there is no specific way to define the ink consumption of the printer.

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One factor that affects sublimation ink loss is accuracy. As we all know, the accuracy of the printer image is definitely higher, the higher the precision, the higher the quality of the printed image, but the higher the accuracy, the larger the amount of ink consumed.

We usually use the printer to adjust the printing mode, which is called 4PASS, 6PASS, etc., meaning that the number of times the same point is printed, 6PASS must be printed more times than 4PASS, so the amount of ink consumed Also definitely more. Therefore, there is a great difference in the amount of ink consumed by setting the printing accuracy.

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Another factor that affects printing ink usage is our most common waste ink. As the name implies, the meaning of waste ink is also discarded ink. The amount of waste ink of a printer is also greatly related to the stability of its performance.

When we usually use the printer, the biggest reason for the waste ink is to clean the nozzle. Each time the nozzle is cleaned, it will cause a lot of ink for the printer. Because the cleaning nozzle needs a large amount of ink to spray the nozzle, the amount of waste ink is also generated. Very large, if the machine performance is good, the image can be stably printed for a long time without clogging, avoiding cleaning the nozzle, and the amount of waste ink generated will definitely be much less.