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Eco-Solvent Ink-How to Identify the Quality of it?

Eco-solvent ink is currently the most used in the domestic market outdoor printer ink. At present, the wide format inkjet printer’s ink types are mainly divided into two categories, namely, water-based ink and oil-based ink. Water-based ink used in indoor digital inkjet printer, oil-based ink used in outdoor digital inkjet printer.Output image quality and ink quality is inseparable, so it is also necessary for us to choose a good solvent ink.

Eco solvent ink applied for out door advertising.

As we all know, eco-solvent ink is mainly used in outdoor piezoelectric inkjet printers, because outdoor advertising long-term affected by ultraviolet, rain, dust, so it is better to choose the ink products with high resistance to sunlight and weather. Excellent stability is also one of the important indicators of ink, its stability is mainly reflected in the principle of ink.That poor ink particle size is different,and the distribution in the solvent is uneven, will cause instability or even blocking of the printer heads.

Color expression is also very important, some of the ink color is not bright enough, the pattern color printed out is not beautiful. Coordination of ink and technical parameters, what kind of ink should printers use are prescribed.Not a blind choice, and not an ink can be used in a variety of equipments, users should consider before choosing inks, that can extend the life of the nozzle and print out high-quality images.

Eco solvent ink used for wallpaper

The security of ink needs our attention. The requirement of high grade ink is very strict, resemble flammable and explosive, the harm to human body should fall to nadir. In fact, the quality of printer’s ink from its raw materials, such as, purity, PH value, impurities, moisture content, good quality ink itself is also a kind of protection for inkjet printers.

Therefore, remind the majority of piezoelectric printer’s users, it is better to buy a guarantee and high quality ink, which is also a hidden way to reduce costs. After all, ink quality directly affects the life of the printer nozzle, If cheap ink hurts the printer's most important component print head, that's really not a good deal.