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Eco-Solvent Printer-How to Solve the Problem of Slow Transmission Speed

Some users report that the eco-solvent printer is slow to transfer data when printing. What is going on? Is it a printer problem or is the computer configuration low? What is the reason for the printer to transfer data too slowly? Below we make a brief explanation, mainly from the following four aspects.

Epson eco-solvent printer

First, the printer related driver is installed correctly

The data transfer speed of the solvent based printer is related to the driver. For USB interface printers, be sure to install the USB driver; the printer with the network interface is connected, and the IP settings are made according to the online installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Second, the computer configuration problem connected to the printer

The computer connected to the digital inkjet printer has a low configuration or a slow response from the computer system, limited data cache space of the RIP software, and a malicious code virus on the computer operating system, which causes the data transmission to be interrupted or slow. For these problems, you can try to replace the printer with the computer online test print, the computer system for virus operation check, the related RIP software to re-install, the printer RIP software Monte, set up enough data cache space.

Epson eco-solvent printer

Third, the data line between the printer and the computer connection

For example, a USB interface printer uses USB data for online data transmission. The USB data line is too long or of poor quality, which affects the data transmission problem when the printer prints. If it is a network interface printer, please check the online network cable. The crystal head of the network cable is in good contact. If the sorting order is correct, the network cable is not sorted correctly and the crystal head is not properly loaded, which will affect the data transmission.

Fourth, the choice of network card

For network-connected printers, it is best to use an integrated network card or an external PCI network card. Do not use a USB external network card. Because the solvent printer prints online during the USB external network card, the data transmission is delayed, and the printer prints slowly. Failures such as pauses on both sides.