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Dye Sublimation Printer-Some Kinds of Ink Injection Ways Should be Avoided When Printing

When it comes to injecting ink to dye sublimation printer, some users feel that it is not worth mentioning. In fact, ink injection is also a knowledge. Improper ink injection will not only affect the printing effect, but also lead to shortened life of the digital inkjet printer. So what are some wrong ways to inject ink in printers that we should avoid?

Application of dye sublimation printer

1. To save inks,using a permanent chip that keep the printer from washing the nozzle.

With the promotion of the continuous ink supply system, the permanent chip of printer cartridge is also adopted by many users. For the CISS users who print a large number, because the daily need for a large number of printing, original ink has not dried but be brought out by new ink immediately, so it is not easy to jam. But due to the ordinary users of the daily printing volume is small, if the sublimation printer is not used for a long time, the ink in the nozzle is bound to increase the viscosity due to evaporation of water or blockage caused by dry.

As for the cause of the nozzle partially blocked, it has a certain relationshipand with the use of permanent chip and not clean the nozzle when the printer is turned on.The printer does not automatically clean the nozzle when using the permanent chip, and the user does not clean it because it does not feel blocked

Wide format dye sublimation printer

2.Program reset can solve the printer waste ink overcapacity

In fact, the maintenance program of the waste ink reset will only reset the waste ink counter in the printer,the waste inks caused by nozzle cleaning, starting up self-inspection and other reasons are still exist. In addition, we also need to clean the printer waste ink pad, to avoid waste ink flowing damage the dye sublimation printer.

3.The cartridge can add ink without limit

First of all, the cartridge sponge has a certain life, when the sponge repeats "absorption -- release" inks process or use for more than a certain period of time, the sponge's ability to absorb ink will be reduced, affecting the printing. Secondly,no matter how good the ink is filled, there are some impurities or dust after several times of filling into the cartridge, is adsorbed in the cartridge filter.With the increase of dust, cartridge filter will be blocked, resulting in unsmoothly ink flow and causing printing failure.