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Textile Sublimation Printer's CISS-Advantage and Disadvantage

As we all know, most textile sublimaiton printer are equipped with a continuous ink supply system(CISS), then why the continuous ink supply system will be so popular, what are its advantages? In addition,what are the system’s disadvantages? Today I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the continuous supply system for you.

 CISS for Epson textile sublimation printer

Now everything has to focus on cost-effective, so many enterprises or users will try to reduce the cost of investment in many aspects.The biggest advantage of CISS is that it can replace the original ink cartridge by filling the ink bottle with ink, instead of repeatedly buying expensive original cartridge, which will greatly save the cost of consumables. On the other hand, the printing cost of the continuous supply system is also very low. Sometimes, only one-twentieth of the original cost of consumables can be used to complete the printing of a page of documents.

Although using continuous supply system will save money, but there will be some problems.This system has its own problems, sometimes these problems for the user has a greater impact, we can summarize the shortcomings as follows:

1.The printed pattern would be lack of color.

2.The printed pattern will appear color difference

3.Prints may leak ink droplets and manuscripts will be discarded

CISS for textile sublimation printer

In fact,  the shortcomings of the CISS is obvious, on the one hand the system has changed the textile sublimation printer’s structure, piezoelectric printer’s some functions may not be able to achieve, or even lead to failure; On the one hand, non-original ink is not a guarantee, and poor quality ink or incompatibility with the original ink can easily cause nozzle clogging.

Through the above analysis, we know that the advantages of digital inkjet printer CISS is low cost, save money, so that it is suitable for industries such as printing companies, advertising companies such a large amount of printing business output company, for the general less printing users, continuous ink supply system is not suitable, because to consider the shortcomings of the system. Of course, if we can pay attention to the use of some operational,some  problems can be avoid.So in general, the supply system’s merits outweigh its short-comings.