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High Speed Sublimation Printer-What are the Accessories We Often Replace?

Our common accessories in high speed sublimation printer include print heads, ink cartridges, ink pads, ink stacks, ink bags, doctor blades, motors, copper sleeves, motherboards, etc. These are the accessories we often use and see, many printers. The faults are easy to happen on these gadgets. Only by getting familiar with it and understanding their functions and functions can we find the cause and solve the problem when printing the problem.

high speed sublimation printer

1, Print head

The print head is a very important accessory in the sublimation printer. The quality of the nozzle directly affects the printout of the printer. The print quality of the printhead also directly affects the color effect of the printed output and the sharpness of the image. In piezoelectric printers, most of them use Epson's piezoelectric nozzles, such as Epson's fifth-generation nozzles, etc. Epson piezoelectric nozzles have long service life, high printing speed, fast and stable use, and piezoelectric printers are all used in Epson. The fifth generation of piezoelectric nozzles is divided into single nozzle printers and dual nozzle printers and four nozzle series multi nozzle printers.

2, Ink sac

The ink sac is generally located above the high-speed printer nozzle, and is connected between the nozzle and the ink tube. There is a filter screen in the ink bag, which can filter out the impurities in the ink, ensure the smooth supply of ink, prevent the nozzle from being clogged, disconnected, etc. The filtering effect of the ink.

Mutoh high speed sublimation printer

3, Motor

The motor is the main power supply core of the digital sublimation printer, such as paper feed motor, control printer's print paper feed, paper feed and paper exit; the printer nozzle small frame back and forth movement is also powered by the motor. The quality of the motor directly affects the related operation of the printer, such as over-current of the printer tray, excessive resistance, etc. These faults are caused by motor failure.

4, Ink cartridge

The ink cartridge is used to provide continuous ink supply to the printer. In the design of the dual four-color printer, four large ink cartridges are generally installed, four sets of colors, and each color corresponds to one small ink cartridge, which is respectively ink blue, yellow and red.