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Sublimation Ink Ribbon For Dye Sublimation Printing Process

The sublimation ink ribbon is a series of large squares that are virtually stuck together from one end to the other and make up the full length of the ribbon.

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Not all dye sub printers use the YMCO ink ribbons, some of the plastic card printers have YMCKOK (Yellow,magenta, cyan, key tone, overlay, key tone) ink ribbons.Two examples of Dye Sub ink ribbons: (Left) event printer ink ribbon (Right) plastic card printer ribbon.Sublimation ink and sublimation cartridges are supplied for a restricted range of Epson and Ricoh printers currently, thus it truly is very important to carefully pick the ink, it should match the precise printing specifications without the need of compromising high quality of your image and printer mechanism.

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With the help of dye sublimation ink , sublimation  printing have strength its position in digital printing,which replaced the conventional screen printing concepts and occupying the marketplace with its advanced options and pros. While what is sublimation printing? It is a a simple printing way,which depends on sublimation ink, heat and stress and utilize the advanced approch of digital imaging technology:converting solid colors into gaseous state with out converting them to liquid, as a result preserving the image high-quality and providing output that appears just like original object.
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