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Is Original Sublimation Ink Necessary for Sublimation Printer?

Many people who use digital inkjet sublimation printers have to buy new ink after they use up the original sublimation ink. At this time, there will be some doubt,should I buy original ink matching the printer or buy alternative ink?Is initial ink necessary for the digital inkjet printer?

Epson original sublimation ink

Inkjet digital printer, as a necessary part of office, is widely used in daily life. At the same time, with the development of technology, more and more schools need to use computers to arrange homework, and students often need to print materials, so the demand for printers in families is also increasing.

Printer operation can not be separated from ink, paper and other consumables, so how to save costs when purchasing printer consumables has become a key issue for people to consider.

original sublimation ink for digital printing

Subconsciously, alternative ink is definitely cheaper than original ink, so people will want to buy alternative ink.But some people will worry that replacement ink will damage the printer heads. So, is the original sublimation ink necessary for sublimaiton printers?

Substitute ink is not specially made for a kind of printer model, sometimes the ink formulation and processing is relatively simple and crude, and the ink has a certain volatility. It may not only pollute the printing, but also cause clogging and corrosion to the precise nozzle of the inkjet printer.The print head can not print, and the printer head will be even scrapped. By contrast, the advantages of the original consumables are very obvious.

original sublimation ink for textile printing

Therefore, out of the maintenance of printer nozzles, it is necessary to spend more money to buy initial ink. Of course, if the quality of the manufacturer who produce refill ink is guaranteed, it is indeed a more economical choice.