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Does Digital Printing Ink Contain Harmful Ingredients to Human Body?

Is digital printing ink harmful to people's bodies? This is a matter of great concern to people in the digital inkjet printer industry, especially machine operators who work around the printer for a long time, touching the printer and ink every day.

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Some people say that they often come into contact with textile printing inks, which contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to the body. They can cause headaches and severe chronic diseases. So is the printer ink really as horrible as rumored? If it is really harmful, how should we avoid it? Today we will give you a brief introduction to this knowledge.

Everyone knows that large format printer inks come in two broad categories, one is water-based ink and the other is oil-based ink. Water-based inks have basically no harm to the human body. Oil-based inks, like other chemical products such as paints, contain chemical components, and long-term stay in this environment has certain harm to the human body.

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So can this hazard be avoided? How to avoid it? In fact, the harm of printer ink to the human body is not as serious as everyone imagined. As long as the printer is ventilated in the working environment, do not sprinkle the ink on the body. It is best to wear leather gloves when adding ink, which will not cause harm to the body. The most important thing is not to eat. It is generally to prevent children from accidentally drinking ink, so be sure to keep the ink out of reach of children.

Finally, the user is reminded that the textile transfer ink is best to choose the big manufacturer or the original ink, the quality is guaranteed, so that the staff is good for the printer equipment. Don't be cheap, buy inferior products, burn out the nozzle is not worth it.