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Wide Application of Large Format Solvent Printer in Flex Banner Advertising

Large format solvent printers are widely used in pattern printing of flex banner. In the bustling streets of the city and in the subway, we often see bright light box advertisements. I often think about how the advertisements on this light box are made. That's right, it's the popular piezoelectric solvent printer!

Today, let's take a look at the application of solvent-based printer in lightbox advertising.

Epson large format solvent printer

Lightbox advertising is mostly used outdoors, and is the most common form of outdoor advertising. This is a form of displaying advertisement information and graphics through a printer and then displaying it outdoors through other devices and processes. It is not difficult to see that the development of the advertising industry has been very rapid in recent years. With the rapid development of the Internet economy, the advertising industry has also been driven by rapid development.

Lightbox advertising has undergone a revolutionary development from previous hand-made to machine-making. Now, ultra-thin light boxes are available, and there are other forms of light boxes, such as blister light boxes and acrylic light boxes, which are currently the most used in the market. They are all printed on a wide format solvent printer.

large format solvent printer printing

The market development potential of light box advertising is huge, and it has become an important means for propaganda of various companies and shopping malls, such as bus stations, subway stations, shopping malls and other places where there are many people with large traffic.

The best light box to do, without good advertising content, will be reduced to the next product, so the main core of a good light box advertising is the printer's printing effect. Lightbox advertising is not just as simple as an ordinary advertisement, it is also a beautification of the city's decorations. A good printer can make better use of the advantages of light box advertising, so that the map of light box advertising is more beautiful.

In order for the lightbox advertising to attract more attention, it is also very important to choose a good solvent printer.