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UV Wide Format Inkjet Printer, What Materials Can Print on?

At present, many users are learning what materials UV wide format inkjet printer can print, mainly because considering whether a printer can achieve a multi-purpose effect, printing material is whether diversified or not. So in view of the above problems, let me give you a detailed introduction of what materials UV printer can print on.

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1.Glass Printing

Because the surface of glass is smooth, it belongs to the material which is difficult to print. Before printing, it is necessary to do a good job of coating, which can prevent the picture from falling off and fading, improve the adhesion, and ensure that the printing effect is more beautiful. Printed glass can print a variety of patterns.


2.Ceramic Printing

Because of the particularity of ceramic use, printing patterns on ceramic has always been a difficult problem in the printing industry. Before printing ceramics, it is necessary to do a good job of coating, in order to achieve better waterproof, sunscreen, scratch-proof printing effect.

UV wide format inkjet printer glass printing

3.Mobile Phone Shell Printing

At present, the market demand for mobile phone shell is still relatively large, many users will choose a patterned mobile phone shell to protect their mobile phones, in the face of such a market, many businesses are joining the mobile phone shell printing and sales industry. However, many users are worried about how to choose a high-precision UV flat-panel printer. Many manufacturers have purchased a single-head printer in the market before, and only after using it did they find that such a device is not only slow, but also difficult to meet the market demand.


4.Leather Printing

Leather printing has always been a difficult problem in the leather printing industry, because leather is stretchable, the printed pattern will not be so perfect after stretching. So when printing leather, we must pay attention to this point.

UV inkjet printer mobile phone shell printing

5.Metal and Plastic Printing

UV printing can also be applied to stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and other metal plates, PVC, acrylic and other plastic sheets, but attention should be paid to the adhesion of ink,we should choose good adhesion of UV ink or do pre-coating treatment.


6.Craft Painting Printing

At present, the amount of craft painting printing is still relatively large, if such a large number only rely on hand painting, it will be a very tough job. So a UV inkjet printer is a considerable good choice.