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How to Connect Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer to Computer Correctly

The effect of inkjet printout of dye-sublimation transfer printer is closely related to the choice of online computer and the correct choice of operating system, because the normal use of computer and operating system will directly affect the installation and connection of printer driver and the normal layout of RIP software. Data output and other operations.

Oric dye-sublimation transfer printer

Most of the computers that users use to connect to sublimation printers are computers assembled in electronic cities or computer stores. Operating systems are often installed in GHOST versions. However, most of these GHOST systems have been subjected to system file streamlining, system modification, optimization, and pre-installation of related program software and plug-ins. Under the use of these operating systems, the driver installation of the printer and the installation of the related RIP operating software are prone to compatibility problems. For example, the USB printer online interface driver is not installed, and the card screen and the installation program are not responding during the installation process of the Montevideo software.

In addition, GHOST's fast-installing operating system often integrates many unknown malicious plug-ins and programs, which easily cause compatibility problems with printer-related software. On the other hand, it is easy to infect Trojan malicious forms during use, affecting transfer printer related RIP Software use. For example, Mengtai software can not start normally, Mengtai uses pop-up error window, slow data transmission in the process of printer inkjet printout, incomplete data transmission or data loss, which are easy to cause printer printing failure.

Oric dye-sublimation transfer printer

The above problems, if often occurs during the use of the inkjet printer, it is recommended that users perform related viruses and malicious programs on the computer operating system, or reinstall the computer operating system, select the installed version of the operating system or the pure version of the GHOST system. For example, windows XPwin 7 32-bit, 64-bit pure version or installed version of the operating system; printer driver and related RIP software installation, if there is related anti-virus software interception, please see the interception prompt, choose to allow installation Or temporarily quit the relevant computer anti-virus software when installing the driver, Mengtai software, such as our commonly used 360 security guards, Kingsoft Internet Security, computer housekeeper and so on.

In addition, we must note that it is not safe to install multiple anti-virus software at the same time, but it is easy to conflict. If it is installed at the same time, it may cause malfunctions such as computer jamming of the printer's online inkjet printout. It is recommended to install one of them.