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Causes and Solutions of Color Difference in Digital Inkjet Printer

Compared with traditional screen printing, the process of digital inkjet printing has been simplified a lot, but there are still some links, such as drawing, repairing, mapping, setting curves and so on to complete the whole process. Because there are some differences and limitations in different digital inkjet printers and so are environmental factors, these will affect the color quality of digital prints and even lead to larger color difference.

So what are the factors causing color difference?

First,we consider about the problems from computer.The digital inkjet printed color is different from what we see on computer monitor.

Computer monitors will set parameters for different brands, models and individual color values, resulting in different viewing colors from different perspectives. Based on the monitor makes RGB color light into the image, while the printed product is using CMYK four color,the two principles are quite different, which will cause serious color difference between the screen monitor color and the printed product. You should remember not to use the screen color to proofread the actual color.

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Then we need to know that environment factors will also affect the printed color.


Environmental factors also affect the difference of printing color. printing time, quality of digital printing ink, temperature, humidity, material characteristics, etc. Artificial uncontrollable factors also affect the difference of printing color.



At last,color difference may caused by operation problems of digital inkjet printer itself.

1. Instability of ink feeding system of digital inkjet printer (especially ink cartridge level)

The level of ink cartridge has a great influence on ink supply power of printing head and then affect the printing effect. The color is darker when the liquid level is high than when the liquid level is low, which leads to the color difference of the picture.


2.The unstable working voltage or the change of the working voltage of the digital inkjet printer’s printing head during printing directly affects the injection strength of ink (especially the piezoelectric printing nozzle). From the overall visual effect, there will be different effects in depth and clarity. Therefore, before printing out, the nozzle voltage should be set to normal (generally adjusted in software), and the printer input terminal should be connected with a regulator.

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3.Other processing during we use inkjet digital printer

Other processes may include replacing ink or filling different types of ink, too long pause time or too frequent pauses during printing. The above operations may lead to discontinuous picture and color difference of image output.

To avoid the above situation, we need to check whether the medium and ink are adequate before printing, and if find out the problem, we need to prepare supplement in time. It should be noted that the color difference of several PASS images printed before and after the pause is very different for the digital clothing printer with heating and drying device.