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Wide Format Sublimation Printer-The Benefit of Continuous Ink Supply System

Everyone knows that the wide format sublimation printer is a kind of inkjet printing device, so the ink supply system is an indispensable part of it. The ink supply systems used in different printer models are also different. Generally, sublimation printers use ink supply methods such as negative pressure continuous ink supply, continuous ink supply system, large capacity ink supply system, and continuous large capacity ink supply system.

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The continuous ink supply system of sublimation printer, referred to as CISS, is also an emerging ink supply method in the field of printing equipment in recent years. It also works very simply, using an external ink bottle and then connecting the ink cartridge to the printer's ink cartridge to achieve continuous transfer between the ink bottle and the ink cartridge. Below we briefly introduce its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the continuous ink supply system: As the name suggests, continuous ink supply of wide format printer its greatest advantage, and the capacity of the ink is large, and the convenience of ink refilling is also its advantage. Furthermore, even the ink supply system is not easy to block the nozzle. If it is blocked, it can be cleaned several times, which is very convenient and quick.

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Disadvantages of the ink supply system: Because the print test has a broken line, the cleaning command is often executed multiple times. The ink path is blocked, the chip is damaged, the ink is self-flowing, and the ink cartridge is leaking. These are also the drawbacks of the ink supply system.

As the saying goes, all things have advantages and disadvantages, so you should not only look at the shortcomings of the sublimation printing machine and the ink supply system. In fact, its large-capacity ink cartridges eliminate the need for frequent ink refilling. The reason why so many printing devices now use this ink supply method. Is to see its advantages. If the printer allows modification, installing a continuous ink supply system is a great option to save on printing ink and consumables.