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Digital Sublimation Printer-The Main Cause of Blockage of the Nozzle

In a digital sublimation printer,the nozzle is the most precious, highest precision, and most powerful part. Everyone knows that the nozzle is easy to block, and it is considered that the printer nozzle is blocked when the ink is broken or the ink is not discharged.

Users who are familiar with the device may simply adjust or repair, but this is a particularly tricky problem for new operators.What causes the printer nozzle to clog? Below we simply summarize the reasons for the nozzle blockage?

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1. The working environment of the sublimation printer, the indoor temperature of the work, the humidity of the air, etc., can also easily cause the nozzle to clog. Therefore, in the temperature conditions such as winter and summer, it should be better to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the printer, such as summer.

The indoor working temperature is too high, the winter temperature is too low, and the different humidity changes, etc. Usually, in this case, we recommend the printer working room temperature between 22 degrees and 25 degrees, not too high or too low The relative humidity is preferably between 40% and 70%.

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2. Ink viscosity problem, for example, if the ink is too much outside the nozzle to reach a certain level, the nozzle will be blocked. This is the most common situation and one of the causes of nozzle clogging. There are not many reasons here. I believe everyone understands. It is also related to the viscosity of the ink. If the viscosity of the ink is too high or too low, the nozzle of the digital printer will be blocked. If the viscosity of the ink is too high, the fluidity of the ink will be poor. The viscosity of the ink is too low. It is easy to inhale when the piezoelectric crystal is pumped back in the nozzle hole. The air, the ink is not absorbed, and the air is sprayed, which is the common ink-breaking phenomenon, so both of them will cause the nozzle to be blocked.

3. Piezoelectric crystal problem, if the piezoelectric crystal is broken (generally the piezoelectric nozzle of sublimation digital printer has a service life of about one year, depending on the usage of the nozzle), in this case, the nozzle is completely sprayed without ink, instead of the nozzle being clogged. The problem.