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Do You Know the Feature and Use-method of Eco-solvent Ink?

Eco-solvent ink, or environment-friendly solvent ink, is a new type of outdoor solvent ink which has become popular in the outdoor solvent-based digital inkjet market in recent years for the its high safety,low volatility,low to slight toxicity,high flash point etc. Its development has not been stagnated. At present, some people have put forward higher requirements to develop it into green solvent-based outdoor inkjet.

Sublistar eco-solvent ink
Features of eco-solvent ink 

Desktop printers are not designed according to the use eco-solvent ink.Although the eco-solvent ink has made many improvements to the solvent ink, such as how to protect the environment and filter it more carefully, the eco-solvent ink is still solvent ink, and some characteristics of solvent ink still exist in eco-solvent ink.1. Fast dry. The fast dry feature of eco-solvent ink makes it more important to choose which printer to use. Piezoelectric printers are not so picky about ink,so it is the best choice to use with eco-solvent ink.It is the patent of Epson machine that printing heads are often cleaned automatically.2.The main component of eco-solvent ink is still organic solvent. Water-based eco-solvent ink is mainly composed of organic solvents, so it has more corrosive and chemical reactions than commonly used water-based ink, so it is necessary to use high-quality ink manufacturers' products.

Sublistar eco-solvent ink
How to use eco-solvent ink better

1. Because of some characteristics of the eco-solvent ink itself, the selection of CISS system should be particularly careful. Sometimes,the outer ink cartridge leaks when people use eco-solvent ink and then the elbow connecting the ink pipeline blockages, and eventually lead to sprinkler printing broken line. Therefore,it is necessary to remember ink should be used with corrosion resistant cartridges,especially for desktop printers. If the equipment is not used for a long time, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the nozzle part so as to avoid the clogging of the nozzle caused by the volatilization and solidification of residual ink.

2.Water-based eco-solvent ink can be coat-free printing on some materials, or can be coat-free by means of printer heating, but for some smooth surfaces, ink can not be printed on by itself and will accumulate together which will lead to a unclear image.
Therefore, it is necessary to use special coating solution in combination with ink.