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How to Prolong Service Life of Inkjet Digital Printer

How to prolong the service life of inkjet printer?

The service life of digital printer is a concerned problem in printing industry. As we all know,the service life of digital printer is directly related to the standard usage by operators, and the maintenance of print heads is an important link to prolong the service life of the machine. The maintenance of print head not only directly affects the service life of digital printers, but also is the key to reduce the cost of maintenance.

How to prolong the service life of digital printer? What are the main reasons for the failure of print head when we use printers? How to maintain print head during the usage? What problems should we pay attention to? In response to this series of questions, I will give you a good answer today.

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Attentions in use of print heads

1. Do not install or disassemble the circuit of digital printer when closing the power switch or cutting off the total power supply, or it will damage the service life of each system and do harm to print heads.

2.Do not mix two different types of ink in use. The proportion of raw materials in different types of ink will be different. Mix two kinds of ink will change the color and quality of ink. Poor quality ink will directly affect the printing quality and lead to print head clogging.

3.When you replace or fine-tune print heads,do not use brute force but according to the instrument manual.

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4.The cleaning fluid for print head is corrosive to a certain extent. In the process of clean the sprinkler by using washing fluid, we suggest import appropriate capacity into the print head for cleaning.

5.Do not unload print head from printer and place it separately, especially in dusty places. The water contained in the ink will gradually evaporate. Drying ink will cause print head clogging. If print head has clogged, it should be cleaned before use.

After the brief introduction above,have you learned some practical ways to maintain print heads?Print head is the most important part of the whole printer,we must maintain it well in our daily use and so that the service life of inkjet printer would be prolong.

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