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Only 3 Steps-Help You to Choose the Best Sublimation Ink

What is sublimation ink?

Sublimation ink is widely used in textile printing and dyeing. It is also one of the main materials for making printing crafts and advertising banners. We often use sublimation ink in daily production, but how to choose good quality ink and which property of ink do we need to pay attention to, we may have no idea. But don't worry. Next, this article will give you a general intruduction of the simple concept of sublimation ink, and only take three steps to help you accurately understand the quality of the ink.

dye sublimation ink

First, we need to know that In the process of sublimation heat transfer printing, sublimation ink is the ink specially printed on a special paper, which is called sublimation paper. After printing patterns on paper, the images on paper can be printed on exquisite materials such as porcelain, metal, silk and chemical fibre in the shortest time by heating. Photo quality, vivid color, clear image, and permanent preservation, these excellent qualities make sublimation ink very suitable for market needs of personalized development.

 sublimation ink application

Sublimation Ink is mostly made up of disperse dyes for textiles. Disperse dyes are widely used in textile printing and dyeing because of their saturated color and good weatherability. So far, they are still one of the main raw materials in the dye printing industry.

sublimation ink application

How to choose sublimation ink correctly?

After acknowledge of the concept of sublimation ink,its easier for us to choose the higher quality one.Following are 3 steps which you may consider while selecting:


1. Good transfer rate

The higher transfer rate,means the more colors be transfered to the textile,and then,the picture will be more vivid and clear.


2. Do not clog the pring head

The smaller ink particle will better improves the inks fluency,and will reduce the possibility that it may clog the print head.Therefore,the service life of print head would be prolonged.

3. Good color fastness

Usually,if the color fastness can meet the 4-5 grade, the colors could be preserve for a long time.