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Digital Sublimation Printer-3 Points Need to Pay Attention to When Using

Digital sublimation printer is used in a wide range of applications. But there are not many people who really understand sublimation printers and know how to use and maintain them properly. Here, I will briefly introduce you to three points to be aware of when using a sublimation printer.

digital sublimation printer

1. When placing the printer, we need place the sublimation printer horizontally and above the plane of the printer to keep the printer working horizontally and firmly without shaking. If the printer is tilted or has a certain angle, it will affect the normal operation of the printer

2. The digital printer must be well connected to the ground wire, grounding requirements and methods: the grounding wire should be a mechanically strong single-strand copper wire or winding wire, and the grounding point should not be shared with the grounding wire of the lightning rod of the building. The ends should be welded together. In the case of severe static electricity, you can connect several ground wires

digital sublimation printer

3. When connecting the power supply, press the power type identified in the label of the printer. Depending on the country and region, select 110V or 220V AC power. Connect the power cable to a separate power socket. Do not share the same power socket with other devices. In particular, do not share the same line with high-frequency devices. If you encounter voltage instability or high voltage, you must have a voltage regulator for the printer to operate normally. Use the hand to hold the plug of the power cord when connecting and disconnecting the power supply. Otherwise, the power cord may be worn or broken, and thus it may be an electric shock or fire.

The last thing to pay attention to is not to stick debris, other paper, etc. on the sublimation digital printer, otherwise it will easily damage the coating on the surface of the printer, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the printer, such as timely cleaning of dust and other ink ink.