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Dye Sublimation Ink-How to Distinguish the Quality of it?

Dye sublimation ink is one of the important consumables for wide-format sublimation printers. It is well known that the use of inferior inks is very harmful to the nozzle. Burning the printer nozzle not only affects the printing results, but also increases operating costs and damage to the printer equipment.

dye sublimation ink

The cheapest to buy a printer is thousands, expensive tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. If just because the cheaper price, we buy inferior ink, it will cause serious damage to the equipment, it is really not worth the loss. Therefore, to remind the majority of printer users, be sure to buy regular factory ink or use the printer original ink.

So how do we identify the quality of the sublimaiton ink is good or bad? Here is a brief introduction to how to distinguish the quality of ink.

The method of distinguishing ink quality:

1. With a matchstick soaked in compatible ink, the line is uninterrupted on the paper. The finer the line, the more broken the line, the darker the ink, the better the quality.

dye sublimation ink

2. Actual print inspection, first add the dye ink to the empty ink cartridge as required (the ink cartridge electrode must be good). Then install the ink cartridge with the ink to perform inkjet cleaning to see if the self-test printing is normal (if the self-test is not passed, it is necessary to immediately clean the improper ink and change the ink).

Next, use WORD to typeset, set the back background of various 0 fonts and "screen". Finally, the printing test is carried out on paper by LQ mode/HQ printing method, and good ink should have no problems such as lack of pen drawing and color cast.