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Different Type Of Heat Transfer Paper For Different Type Of Printing


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Inkjet heat transfer paper is the creative innovation in the printing industry that allows printing to be done on various surfaces. These papers are the best option if you need to get vibrant prints and wonderful designs on T-shirts, bags, ceramic mugs, tiles etc. If you want the fabric printing then make sure that you are choosing right type of fabric such as nylon and polyester instead of cotton. This type of printing process is the cheapest way to get high class prints and cost effective which let you done your whole printing at very less price.

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Laser Printed Transfer Papers Laser printed transfers can also be printed with standard inkjet printers, and contain a special protective coating that is transferred along with the imprint. This type of transfer is used Mainly for cloth goods, and produces a bright imprint with a transparent, filmy coating.Specialty Transfer Papers Some transfer papers offer special finishes, such as glitter, to further embellish items. The glitter is coated on the paper surface, and is transferred to the item during the imprinting process. Special "puff" ink papers for screen printed transfers allow ink with puff additive to be transferred to garments with the desired effect.

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One thing we should keep in mind is that make sure transfer paper  in humidity-controlled environments when it is not in use. Humid or very dry conditions can cause paper to swell or shrink, affecting printing quality and application performance.What's more,you should know how to right transfer paper ,such as the sublimation transfer paper can be  suitblae for sublimation printing.