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Does The Sublimation Printing Reduce The Quality Of Sublimation Goods



As we know, sublimation printing results in minimum waste without the necessity of washing. Because the process turns the solid directly to a gas, there is absolutely no need for water in the drying process. It thus reduces water consumption and offers cost-effective production. Moreover, because water-based dyes are used, it has no negative effects on human health and does not pose an unsafe working environment.

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The biggest advantage of sublimation printing is its permanent feature. It also offers wide color gamut. Sublimation printing allows the ink to permenate the surface of the item being printed and correspondingly the ink is not adhered on the surface of the fabric. Thus, images on fabric won’t crack, fade or peel. The colors will stay vibrant even after multiple washings.


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Sublimation printers feature a compact design as compared to many other traditional printers. This means high functionality and less maintenance time. You can thus continue your business without interruption. Besides that, sublimation printers are quickly becoming one of the easiest to use thanks to their automated systems of loading paper and ink, print head cleaning, feeding and color management/software, and thereby maximizing operation productivity.


With the advancements in the digital printing, customers nowadays demand as much of personalized and fast production speeds as well as fast deliveries. If as a textile manufacturer you want to invest in sublimation printing, bear in mind that sublimation printing technology not only provides technical advantages but also adds values to your business.

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