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Why We Said Sublimation Are New Business Opportunities for Printer and Textile Printing Manufacture



Sublimation printing continues to offer new business opportunities for both printer manufacturers and textile printing manufacturers. Global testing, consulting and information services business, there is an increase in the use of sublimation printing in the garment, home textile, and advertisement segments. A robust growth is projected in the amount of material printed.

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Given that the digital textile printing is expected to grow at a brisk pace, sublimation printing, a method for transferring an image onto a substrate using a heat process, offers many advantages for manufacturers. Considering other traditional printing techniques with limited printing skills and higher costs, sublimation printing brings many advantages to both small-scale textile enterprises and the large-scale national and international retail companies.

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Dye sublimation paper printing is one of the best technologies ever meeting such needs. Thanks to low volume run and personalized printing opportunities that sublimation printing offers, you can easily manufacture low volume runs for sports teams, associations, and organizations, schools or small-scale enterprises. You can also create unique designs for many brands or individuals without any additional cost. Thanks to sublimation printing, you can activate your creative side and you can make the high-quality print on any substrate you may wish. You can thus achieve versatility in your business providing wider application options to your customers and make the higher profit. Sublimation printing helps you expand into new and more profitable markets.

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Unlike traditional printing methods, sublimation printing offers unlimited use of color. You can easily generate thousands of colors to achieve high-quality prints onto designs on demand. No additional cost is required, when you add new colors to your design. Moreover, like other digital printing techniques, the ink will not remain on the substrate and penetrate the surface of the substrate and as a result, dye-sublimation delivers natural and photorealistic print quality and you can quickly respond to your customers’ demands.


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