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New Arrive! Sublistar New Package Dye Sublimaton Ink

Hi~ dear guys! Are you looking for one dye sublimation ink now. This week, Sublistar launched on new package dye sublimation ink. This new dye sublimation adopt advanced European formula. With fast dry and print fluency on sublimation paper, so it is more popular in textile industry. Today, let me introduce this sublimation ink to you, please read the following.

Product details:

Sublistar® sublimation ink is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, bright colors, wide gamut and has good transfer rate. Suitable for the plotters equipped with epson DX4,DX5 and DX7 printhead. Excellent fluency, no clogging no oblique spray, ink particles are evenly distributed and less than 0.3um.

Sublistar recently new arrived this series sublimation ink with C/ M/ Y/ K color. And if you prefer to other colors it can also be fixed through our other sublimation inkjet inks. This ink is high density and the quality is good as Epson and Kiian dye sublimation ink. It is fit for Epson, Mimaki, Ro-land sublimation printers. You can find here.


1.Excellent fluency, no clogging no mis-inkjeting, ink particle size are evenly distributed and less than 300nm(<0.3um).

2.Good stability, high dyeing rate, vivid color.

3.Directly printing, no hand-feeling, meeting the digital textile printing mass production

4.Washing fastness 4-5 grade, dry rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, wet rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, light fastness 4-5 grade

Wide application:

Ceramic mugs | Water bottles | Coasters | Metals | Magnetic sheets | Plaques | Name badges | License plates | Car flags | Mouse pads | Fabric puzzles | Ceramic tiles | Glass tiles | Poker chips | 100% polyester shirts and more! 

Transfer condition:

  • Standard temperature 200°C,
  • Standard time 40 seconds
  • Standard substrates:Polyester/Polysatin cloth

Okay, these all above are my share about new arrive Sublistar dye sublimation transfer ink. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.