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How to Identify The Epson DX5 Print Nozzle is Locked or Unlocked?

There are different type printhead in the market. Such as the brand of epson DX5 print nozzles with many type, there are locked and unlocked. The nozzle surface color is also different, there are gray, golden, green. The gray surface is used for water-based ink; golden surface is used for solvent in and oil-based ink; green surface is used for oil-based ink and water-based ink. Do you know how to differ from the locked and unlocked DX5 print nozzle? Please read the following, I will share you more!

The Epson DX5 printhead is incredibly popular, and anyone running a UV printer will have used them at least once. But if you have DX5 printheads, when it comes time to replace them there is something to pay attention to, and that is whether the printhead is locked or not.

Locking the Printhead

Because you can’t buy Epson DX5 printheads directly from the manufacturer, those available on the market are removed from Epson printers to be sold separately. Epson would prefer this not to happen, and they changed the DX5 printhead by adding an encrypted code into the memory board, to prevent it being used in other printers.

Locked printheads simply do not function effectively any longer, causing print errors of failing to print at all, and this situation led to a lot of printheads being sold on the used market that were effectively unusable.

Unlocking the Printhead

With suppliers having large stocks of these printheads, they decided to simply sell them anyway, causing issues for many printers who suddenly found that the printheads they were buying were not working properly. However, after a couple of months, an enterprising engineer developed a memory card that removed the code and unlocked the printhead, making it usable again. This is where the term ‘unlocked’ came from. These heads are often referred to as ‘first time locked’ heads.

However, Epson responded again, and with new DX5 head began building in a new lock, and this one has not been overcome and is often referred to as ‘second time locked’, and that is how we now have the situation where there are both locked and unlocked DX5 printheads on the market.

Knowing which is the right Printhead

Of course, if there are both locked and unlocked on the market, that means you really need to know how to tell the difference, because buying a locked printhead can be an expensive mistake. The good news is that there is an easy way to see whether any printhead is locked or not, and that is through the connector layout for the print head.

A locked printhead has contacts at each edge as you can see above. The unlocked versions have contacts the middle and then gap, and then contacts at the edge. This makes unlocked printheads easy to spot when purchasing.

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