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What are the Benefits of Sticky/ Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper?

Hello, nice to see you again. In last article, we talked about the differences between sticky and non-sticky sublimation transfer paper. And then, today let us talk about the benefits of Sticky/ tacky sublimation paper. Please read the following.

Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper

Tacky Sublimation Transfer Papers ensure better adherence to the fabric during transfer and eliminate potential problems which may occur. Its fast-drying feature and base paper thickness perfectly work even with products consuming a high amount of ink.

Non-tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper

Non-tacky transfer papers are produced to be compatible with many digital printers. The most important advantages of the non-tacky transfer papers are their fast-drying feature, superior ink absorption, and compatibility with most polyester fabrics. Transfer papers with faster drying speed are also available. They are specifically designed to work with high-speed systems. However, some quality issues may arise because the paper cannot firmly adhere to elastic fabrics. Therefore, most suppliers prefer tacky transfer papers as an alternative solution.

What are the Benefits of Sticky/ Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper?

Thanks to specially formulated coating, tacky transfer papers are not deformed even if you use heat press shortly after the printing process. High-quality tacky transfer papers will firmly stick to the fabric during the heat press process and prevent the paper from shifting. Thus, the optimized transfer of an image to a substrate can be achieved, yielding best results without any ghosting problem. If the transfer paper shifts during pressing, the fabric will absorb less ink and the ink will overflow, which will result in ghosting. Such papers are mostly used on stretch fabrics such as sportswear.

When tacky transfer papers are used, however, sublimation printing will be applied to the adhesive side of the paper. Therefore, when you want to transfer an image onto fabric, you need to stick the paper to the substrate or place it properly before pressing. There are two main types of tacky paper: you can feel the adhesive surface on one type and you don’t on the other since the latter type has a heat-activated adhesive coating. To choose the right tacky transfer paper, you should consider your product offerings and your printer’s settings.

Have you tried Sublistar Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper yet?

To solve current printing and press problems in the market, after extensive R&D efforts, Feiyue Paper Technologies launched Sublistar Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper that offers many key advantages to the user.

Specifically designed for sportswear, the product maintains adherence on the fabric during the transfer process and eliminates potential problems which may occur during the transfer. The base paper thickness and its fast-drying feature perfectly work even with products consuming a high amount of ink.

Okay, one of the greatest advantages of Sublistar Tacky sublimation paper is that it does not curl during the heat-press process and so it offers a perfect solution in this respect. In addition, the product ensures exceptional print quality, color consistency, and ink savings.