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Sticky VS Non-sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper, Why Do You Should Choose Sticky?

In the dye sublimation paper, divided by function, there are 2 main type of sublimation paper in the market: non-sticky sublimation transfer paper and sticky sublimation transfer paper. the first one non-sticky paper which is the most common used , the second one is sticky paper (paper with tackified coating, which will adhere to the fabric elastic during the transfer to prevent the textile from moving and getting ghosting ).

And then, many people often ask Sublistar, what type sublimation paper they should choose. When should we use sticky dye sublimation transfer paper? Please read the following, I will share you more.

With your without sticky is a difference worth mentioning.

According to our experience with customers, sometimes customers use sticky paper, is because they are always using sticky paper, but actually sometimes normal paper without sticky is enough, after all normal paper without sticky is cheaper than sticky paper. Then when do you need sticky paper ? We need take your textile and heat press into consideration.

First we talk about textile. If your textile is elastic, which is very easy to move during the transfer, you need sticky paper. Second is the heat press, if you are using flat bed heat press, sticky sublimation paper would be better.

But only with those two factors, it is not enough for choosing the sticky paper, because we say we need take textile and heat press into consideration, means we should take them into consideration together, not separately. In following conditions, you should consider of using sticky sublimation paper .

1.When you are using flat bed heat press, and flexible fabrics. We have one question here, when does the fabric move during the transfer and then cause the ghosting ? One is happened during the heat press process, the flexible fabric expand with heat; the other is happened while lifting up the heat press rapidly, the paper and fabric will adhere to the flat of the heat press and then drop, during this process, the paper and fabric are not sticking to each other , then the ghosting comes. For example, there’s one heat press in our market, while you control the time of the lifting up of the flat to be less than 2 seconds, the paper and fabric go up with the flat and ghosting occurs, when it is more than 3.5 seconds, they do not. So under this circumstance, you’d better choose sticky sublimation transfer paper (Flat bed & flexible material) .

2.When you are using roll-to-roll heat press, or calendar, if you were utilizing sticky paper before, you could have a try of the normal paper now. Because with roller heat press, it provides enough strength to control the paper and fabric from moving. So if you do not use sticky sublimation paper, there’s no ghosting too. If your fabrics are special, sticky paper works too. While you are transfer with roller heat press vs sticky paper, it is better to cut the paper into piece and then make the transfer, you will get a better result than roll paper transfer.

So use sticky sublimation paper or not, that depends on your material and equipment, not all the transfer needs sticky sublimation transfer paper (it’s more expensive) though sticky will still offer advantages to overall image detail, this is another function of sticky paper.

Another problem we would meet is the sticky degree of the paper. Before there’s only one type of sticky paper in the market, but now, Sublistar have several types, the high sticky, medium sticky and low sticky. Under which condition should you choose different sticky degree ?

First is the high sticky, if your flexible fabric is smooth, like sportswear, swimwear, use high sticky, because it is not easy to stick on the smooth surface, so only with high stickness could it stick to the fabrics.

Second is medium sticky, if your flexible fabric has brush, like towels, blankets, the paper is very easy to stick with them, you’d better choose medium sticky.

Third is when your fabric is very thick, use high sticky. Our customers shared their experience of sticky material transfer with us, while you are transfer very thick material, like towels, you’d better use roller heat transfer machine, because if the fabric is too thick ,the blanket of the heat press could not provide enough strength to control the fabric and paper, then during the transfer, it’s very easy to have stripes and creases.

Sublistar printing tell us, if you should use sticky sublimation paper or not, or use paper with high sticky or medium sticky or low sticky, consult your paper supplier, get a sample of each one , test them with your unique equipment, and then make the final decision. Only testing tells you the truth.