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What is Dye-sub Printing? How Can we Start the Sublimation Printing?

When it comes to dye sublimation printing, someone always think it is complex process. In fact, sublimation printing can easy understand. We must know what is " sublimation" - which the process is from a solid to a gas. So, the dye sublimation printing is also easy to understand. Please read the following, I will share you more.

Benefits of Dye Sublimation

With dye sublimation, you can print full colors, bright colors and multiple colors! When applying to garments, the ink is embedded into the fibers. This allows for the design to feel as if it’s part of the garment and not actually on the garment!

Getting Started

What kind of material should you print on?

You can ONLY use any polyester or polymer-coated substrates.

Some people may argue that sublimation will work on other substrates; however, we strongly recommend only using polyester or polymer-coated substrates.

It is important to note that you must purchase something that is already coated; this is not something you can do on your own. We sell a large variety of blanks that you can print on, though, so don’t limit yourself!

What can you make with dye sublimation?

If you’ve checked out the Dye sublimation paper, Printable Dye Sublimation Materials or Blanks on our website, you’ll see a selection of what you can do with sublimation!

Printable Dye Sublimation Materials are materials that can be dye sublimated on using Dye sublimation paper! These materials are to be applied using a heat press. Such materials include: flock, glitter and twill.

Another method of decorating garments is with Dye sublimation paper, any 100% light polyester garment will work! We recommend sticking with white to get the most color out of your design. The darker the clothing, the less you will be able to see your design.

Dye sublimation paper is also needed for sublimating onto Blanks! Because you cannot fit objects into a dye sublimation printer, you first must print your design onto the paper, then transfer that design onto your blank of choice.

Just remember, you must use polyester or polymer-coated blank. Also, it is important that you must purchase something that is already coated. This is not something you can easily do on your own!

What will you need?

For dye sublimation, you’ll ALWAYS need a sublimation paper, sublimation ink, sublimation blank, dye sublimation printer, a heat transfer machine! If you need this material, you can get these goods from Sublistar, we are Chinese sublimation paper manuifacturer, also dealer of sublimation ink, printer and heat press, etc.

If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.