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Digital Heat Transfer Printing Replaces Traditional Printing, Just Around the Corner!

With the advancement of technology, digital transfer printing technology has matured and the output has increased. Although there are still many problems in digital printing, we still believe that digital heat transfer printing replaces the traditional Printing is just a matter of time.

Traditional textile printing uses the screen to print the colors one by one. The more colors, the more the screens are, the longer the production process, the more manpower, time and energy, and the greater environmental pollution.

Digital transfer printing technology has just broken through the bottleneck of textile printing. Digital textile printing technology has made the printing and dyeing industry more technological, environmentally friendly, faster and more diversified.

According to relevant statistics, the world's traditional printing is mainly concentrated in Asia, including China, Southeast Asia and India, accounting for 66% of the total printing volume. China's traditional printing accounts for nearly 30% of the global output, but digital printing also Less than 5% of domestic printing, there is huge room for growth.

Today's textile digital printing, the rapid change of popular elements, the more complex the design, the higher the color fastness requirements, with the increasingly strict control of the country's environmental pollution, so that more traditional printing companies have to face up to the transformation of digital The printing process comes up.

The future: What is the development direction of the nozzle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, ink merchants, software vendors and printing manufacturers?

The reliability and durability of the nozzles are the development focus of the nozzle manufacturers. Since the nozzles are used for an average of no more than one year, the production cost is quite high for printing. Therefore, the design of the new nozzles is not only the number of nozzles but also the number of nozzles. Designed for inward circulation and serviceable direction, it is expected to extend the life cycle of the nozzle.

Equipment manufacturers will also start from improving the stability and ease of operation of the equipment. The form of equipment bundled with ink will be broken, and equipment integrators will gradually advance in the direction of providing equipment and maintenance services. In addition to continuing to develop more types of ink products, ink manufacturers need to develop ink products that improve colorability and apply a variety of different fabrics, and the cost of ink will gradually decrease due to market growth. More software vendors have developed software that is easier to use for equipment manufacturers and printers.

Printing companies need to continue to train talents, and let the operating personnel work hard to improve the professional skills of digital printing, and learn the ability to control digital printing equipment and ink. In this way, digital printing can replace traditional printing just around the corner!

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