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Storage Methods and Precautions for the Material of Sublimation Printing

In order to make the wide format inkjet printer output a perfect and perfect model, in addition to a high-precision wide format inkjet printer, the quality of consumables is also an indispensable part. How to make the wide format inkjet printer consumables not damaged when stored, what should you pay attention to when storage the materials of sublimation printing?

First, the operating environment: temperature

18~30°C (65~85°F), relative humidity: 20~65%, the temperature and humidity are too low, it is easy to generate static electricity, affecting the accuracy of paper feeding and printing precision, and also damage the ink head and printer circuit board.

Second, inventory storage and transportation

Please keep it under relatively stable environmental conditions (the temperature difference should not be too large), avoid high temperature and direct sunlight, and keep the ground and air dry. It is recommended to place it horizontally before use. The number of stacking layers should not exceed 8 layers. Handle and use it with care, do not throw it off, avoid indentation, wrinkles, cracks, etc. caused by hard objects, bumps and jabs. After unwinding, pay attention to the two ends of the protective material to avoid damage caused by extrusion deformation.

Third, open the use of:

After opening the package, all operations should be carried out with soft white cotton gloves to avoid scratching or staining and staining the surface of the product. Unused materials should be put back into the moisture-proof bag, plugged at both ends and then put back into the box to avoid excessive contact with the air, to prevent the ink-absorbing coating from absorbing moisture in the air and affecting the ink absorption performance. .

Fourth, the print output:

Do not use inferior compatible water-based inks (especially some inks with pure water). It is recommended to use original ink or reliable compatible ink to ensure the printing effect. Because our products are tested with original ink, some inferior inks may seriously affect printing, such as extremely low printing accuracy, color difference, ink accumulation, ink, ink and so on. Before the output, you should try to print with a small sample, observe the effect, and then adjust it in the printing software to get the best output. For other precautions in printing, please refer to the printer manual.

Fifth, post processing:

Do not touch the screen until the digital printing ink is completely dry after printing, and place it horizontally to make it dry. When cleaning the film, pay attention to the environment to avoid the excessive effect of dust on the film.

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