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Does Dye Sublimation Inkjet Printer Working belong to Green Printing?

Under the national environmental protection policy, printing factories in most parts of South China and other places were stopped by the government. Many manufacturers realized the concept of environmental protection, as President Xi said: "Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan", so we do not It is necessary to pollute the green mountains and green hills for the Jinshan Yinshan. Instead, treat the ecological environment like life.

The rapid development of sublimation inkjet printers has two main reasons: on the one hand, its novel technology can greatly improve the work efficiency and the wide range of industries that can be applied. The other is because of the environmentally friendly printing of dye sublimation printers. Specifically in the following aspects:

1. No waste. Compared to traditional printing, dye sublimation printers use less dye, ink and paste, because the dye sublimation printer prints directly onto the cloth through the nozzle without waste.

2. Cancel the plate making. Traditional printing, whether it is flat net, round net, gravure, requires a lot of time and energy in the process of scheduling, especially screen printing, which will volatilize a large amount of organic matter, such as benzene and benzene derivatives, to the surrounding environment. And the operator caused pollution. The dye sublimation printer directly canceled the step of plate making, and also eliminated the film. Wire mesh, silver tube and other materials are consumed. It also greatly reduces printing costs while not polluting the environment.

3. No need to wash. Traditionally printed washing screens, washing buckets, and water washing will produce a large amount of sewage, which can cause environmental pollution if not handled properly. The data shows that about 30% of the dye can't be combined with the fiber, and it is washed away when it is washed to cause pollution. The dye sublimation printer does not need to be washed when printing, and the high temperature fixing is done after printing. The dye dosage is about 40% of the traditional one. And only 5% of the ink is washed away during post-treatment.

The dye sublimation printer market is large and has penetrated into various fields such as clothing, fast-selling products, home textiles, decoration, advertising, and so on. The national “13th Five-Year Plan” has put forward the energy saving and emission reduction requirements put forward by the printing and dyeing industry, and digital printing has become the development trend of the printing industry. But at the same time we print, we have to refuse to use oil-based ink. Use environmentally friendly water-based inks. The above is the sharing that Skyimage Digital brings to everyone.