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Why Inkjet Printing is So Popular in Outdoor Printing?

    With the increasing number of leisure activities, modern urbanites are increasingly enjoying outdoor activities such as tourism and sports. Obviously, the changes in people's lifestyles and the trend of outdoor social activities are very beneficial to outdoor advertising, so more and more companies are beginning to invest advertising funds to outdoors.And according to our survies, more than 95% outdoor advertisements are printed with inkjet printing?Do you know the reasons?

outdoor advertising

First, inkjet printing can achieve strong visual impact results. In theory, in the case of ensuring the design file pixels, the inkjet printing technology can meet the needs of any large size, making the advertising page vivid ; in addition, the inkjet printing has simple operation control, fast production time, easy to carry and installation and other advantages.

The huge cost advantage is another reason.According to the survey, the average cost per thousand person of outdoor advertising is only 1/10-1/30 of other media such as TV and newspapers. In the reality that the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the company is under pressure to cut costs, the huge cost advantage becomes one of the main reasons why outdoor advertising is favored.

outdoor advertising

Inkjet printing technology has made today's outdoor advertising, and outdoor advertising has brought many benefits to the inkjet industry. They are connecting tightly together for mutual benefit.