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What Do You Know about Eco-solvent Ink?

     The eco-solvent ink is famous for its environment protection. The working principle is : the ink is transferred to the substrate through the nozzle of the micro-piezoelectric print head, wherein the solvent penetrates into the substrate, and as the solvent evaporates, the binder and the colorant in the ink are fixed on the surface of the substrate, and finally the image appears.

Eco-solvent printing

The eco-solvent ink is non-toxic and have low odor, which make up for the shortage of solvent-based inks and are more and more accepted by people.

Eco-solvent ink has the advantages of the water-based ink and solvent-based ink, but avoid the disadvantages of both of them. The weatherability of eco-solvent ink is strong, so it can stay longer on the outside.

High resolution is another advantage of the eco-solvent ink.It is commonly used on high-precision Epson nozzles, has fast printing speeds and high printing accuracy. For example, the resolution of Mimaki JV33 inkjet printer can  up to 1440dpi. Therefore, the eco-solvent ink not only has an advantage in outdoor advertising, but also has strong competitiveness in the field of indoor advertising and photorealism that requires fine images.

eco-solvent printer


Finally the applications of eco-solvent printing are various. It can be used for car stickers, outdoor lamp film, banners, leathers, wall paper, PVC and so on.

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