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What Can We Do with Roland LEC-330 Printer/Cutter?

   Roland LEC-330 UV printer/cutter, the worlds first UV inkjet printer/cutter, it

is built for versatility.Then what can we do with this machine? In other words, what are the applications of Roland LEC-330?

Roland LEC-330

1. Explore new markets.With its ability to print CMYK plus white and clear

on a vast range of actual press stocks, the VersaUV LEC series enables you

to experiment with unique design options, materials and finishes.

2. Folding carton workflow.The VersaUV will print, crease and die cut your

folding carton.

3. Ideal pre press device.The VersaUV is a very capable pre-press and

proofing device that can save commercial printers the many costs

associated with press downtime.

applications of Roland LEC-330

4. Perfect for short run label production. Variable data printing allows you to

print a hundred personalized labels each with a different name, serial

number or artwork.

5. Membrane panels. With the VersaUV, you can print a single membrane

panel or several.

6. Specialty graphics. In small quantities, you can easily produce truly

unique, customized smart phone and notebook skins and other specialty graphics in virtually any shape, size and texture.

  Are you attracted by the various applications of this strong UV printer cutter? The just contact us for more information.