Inkjet printer ink classification: Due to the principle of different types of machine print head is different, the choice of ink is also different. If the ink selection is wrong, print head damage will be inevitable. At present, the ink can be roughly divided into:



1.DYE (indoor) dye-type thermal foaming ink is suitable for indoor models. Because the ink contains high foaming agent, after the heat resistance of the ink head is heated, the ink is generated in a very short time, and then the ink is squeezed. The pressure is ejected, but under the long-term high and low temperature changes, the ink chamber changes in the severe environment of high heat and high pressure, and the nozzle becomes lossy. Because the development of alternative inks is more successful, the cost is lower, but the loss of the nozzle is an unreducible cost. Generally, thermal inkjet inkjet printers use inks between 70% and 90% to maintain the smoothness of the nozzles and to match the heat. This means that enough time must be left for the ink to dry on the media without It will spread out, so it is equipped with a drying device on the machine to avoid damage to the picture.


2.DYE (indoor) dye-type micro-pressure ink is suitable for Epson nozzle model. Piezoelectric nozzle uses a piezoelectric crystal to strike and oscillate a diaphragm fixed in the print head, so that the ink in the print head Spray out. Because it belongs to "cold spray", the nozzle does not need to be replaced regularly, but the early ink price is higher, so the early indoor production cost is higher than the thermal foaming.


3.PIGMENT (outdoor) pigment-type micro-piezoelectric ink is suitable for the use of EPSON nozzle models, but because of the need for film, and the production of outdoor technology is complex, high cost, and not become mainstream ink.


4.OIL-BASED inks are limited by micro-piezo nozzles, and the outdoor weather resistance is about 6 months. Because oil-based inks are not required to be coated, and can be coated with light-coated cloth, it is widely used in indoor production. Areas where outdoor replacement is frequent (about half a year).


5.SOLVENT ink is suitable for large piezoelectric inkjet printers. The ink has strong corrosiveness and can directly penetrate into the interior of the light box cloth and PVC material. Therefore, the nozzle is required to be high, and a special solvent type nozzle is required, and the nozzle is used. Auxiliary equipment requirements are also higher. And with a fully automatic ink filtration system, it is a professional outdoor production equipment, outdoor weather protection can also be up to two years.