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The Necessity of Using Original Ink for Inkjet Printers

In the daily advertising printing of inkjet printers, one of the important consumables is ink. Why do inkjet printer manufacturers repeatedly emphasize the use of original ink? Because inkjet printers have many advantages with original inks, original inks can better escort your inkjet printers!


However, in inkjet printer printing and printing applications, different print heads will inevitably bring uneven color density of various colors, chromatic aberration of the screen, easy plugging, etc., plus different inkjet printer manufacturers are spraying the inkjet printer's printhead application, R&D and testing are matched with high-quality original inks, which are verified by strict printing tests. The color is best in both the color curve correction and the ink source material. It has very good compatibility with the nozzle, and it is also strictly printed and tested for different inkjet printing media, ensuring better color reproduction of inkjet printer printing and printing output, less color difference, and using high quality ink raw materials, Good weather resistance, green and environmental protection, effectively protect the nozzle, ensure the print quality of the screen, and improve the drying speed of the screen.


The quality of the ink determines the quality of te printed image of the inkjet printer, and also determines the service life of the printhead. Therefore, the inkjet printer manufacturer repeatedly emphasizes that the user must use the original ink, the correct selection of the ink and the correct maintenance of the nozzle are A problem that users of inkjet printers can't ignore during use. Select the original ink of the manufacturer to better enjoy the after-sales guarantee of the manufacturer, so as to better ensure the color and quality of the inkjet printer printing. At present, the manufacturing market of inkjet printer inks on the market is extremely complicated. Whether it is other inks of unknown brands or compatible inks, please do not buy cheap inks. It is necessary to pay attention to the penny and the inferior quality. Ink is more likely to make you lose less.