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How to Check Your Inkjet Printer before Daily Work?

    As we all know the inkjet printer should be checked every day before working, so you can make sure it is on the best condition and can work effectively. But how to check? Here are some tips.

Epson F6200

First check the print head., and this is the curcial work. You can move the print head to one side and look at the sides to see if there is any ink build up. If yes, then you should clean the print head, or it is easy to get blocked.

Then keep the capping station, flush pad, and wiper blade clean.These parts are important for normal printing. You need to clean them at least twice a week, then you can make sure your printer will work normally.  

Check nozzle before you start the day. When you trun on the printer, remeber to print the test strip at first to check whether the nozzles are blocked or not.                                                                                                         Mutoh RJ900x 

  No matter what inkjet printer you buy, what sublimation ink you use, the daily maintenance is essential. Only when you do it well, you can work effectively.