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Heat sublimation printing products are brightly colorful and rich in layers.

   With the rapid development of the transfer printing market, sublimation printing plays an important role in it.Sublimation printing involves imprinting a specified design or image or logo onto fabric, such as a garment, or other suitable items. It does so through a chemical process that turns a solid directly into a gas through a chemical reaction.A sublimation printer prints the ink on a specially coated paper. The ink dries and turns into a solid. When heat and pressure is applied to the sublimation inks on the paper, it quickly turns to gas and is forced into the polyester substrate. When heat is taken away, the gas becomes trapped in the polyester permanently.

    As a special printing process, the products processed by heat transfer printing have bright colors, rich layers and smaller color difference. Whether using transfer film carrier or transfer processing, the pattern printed on a special paper can be better transferred. Use advanced heat transfer process to process and make the picture and text clearer. Compared with the traditional process, heat transfer processing more compatible materials, but also in the printing pattern on the aesthetic performance of a more prominent, more environmentally friendly, more acceptable to customers. With this technology, not only the quality is good, but also the overall effect will be better.


    Sublimation transfer printing is an important technique to make patterns rich and colorful. The digital printers involved, the quality of sublimated ink and so on are all important factors. Choosing a better service organization, not only the quality is better, but also the reliability is outstanding, so we should have a more comprehensive understanding when choosing products. If you're still looking for a reliable supplier, I believe we are your best choice, providing one-stop sublimation printing solutions that save a lot of links, save time, and be more assured.

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