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How to select sublimation ink with good physicochemical performance?

   When choosing the heat sublimation ink, we should consider the color and luster of the ink. These are the important properties of the sublimation ink. If we want to choose the heat sublimation ink with good physical and chemical properties, we should pay attention to the selection of materials, so as to find better ink materials. After all, the transparency and fineness of the ink have a great influence on the quality of the finished products. When selecting ink, you must be certified and selected.

    Viscosity and initial drying of many sublimation inks are the best visual representation, and we can choose from these places to judge whether the physical and chemical properties are good enough. If you choose the best ink, it will be much better. When transferring the ink to the real world, we should pay attention to the evaluation of the ink viscosity, coloring power and so on, and make a better choice according to the actual situation. With the appropriate physical and chemical properties, in doing the ink adhesion fastness test, it is easier to select high-quality heat transfer ink. Why do you choose this type of ink for printing now? It is because its anti adhesion, fluidity and other physical and chemical properties are better. It can provide quality print service.

    When doing thermal sublimation transfer printing, we should pay attention to judge the surface tension of the mode. If we want to ensure the printing effect, we suggest that we should use high-quality digital sublimation ink, which has unique performance, excellent conductivity and other conditions, can provide the best printing effect. In the modern processing and printing industry, it is recommended that the use of such high-quality ink with aging properties, can provide better light-resistant printing effect. This kind of ink is more comparable.


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