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Digital printer, high technology is worth choosing.

    There are many types of digital inkjet printers in the market, such as sublimation printer, Eco-solvent printer, DTG printer and so on. Each printer has its own advantages. We still need to look at the printing effect when we choose, many people themselves in the understanding of digital printer is to know in the overall technical is not very high? Or how effective is the use of the device itself? This can be done in detail, the existing technology is indeed a great advantage, we can do a simple introduction.

    Technical value one, in the specific use of the process can make the original process greatly shortened, and in the process of receiving orders very fast, so that to a certain extent to save costs, effectively reduce the cost of proofing, in the whole market, the use of digital printing printers is very extensive, but also has been a lot of people. If we can all choose reasonably, we can still see these advantages.

    Technical value two, efficient printing effect is a lot of people like an important factor, because the original set of color or flower length may be limited, and now the use of itself is textile fabrics, so in the specific high-end printing effect is really better, you can use digital patterns It can also choose some other arts and Sciences, and it is also better in specific design.

    Technical value three, when using the digital printer can also be found in the specific use of equipment is now to achieve small batch, fast reaction, diversity of production process, and the specific batch is no limit, which is enough to show that in the selection of this printer still need to do a good job of systematic understanding The guarantee can give full play to its own superior value and better use in the market.

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