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How to extend service life of sublimation ink cartridges ?

     A good ink cartridge can effectively store ink and play a sealing role. Many people want to extend the life of ink cartridge in various ways to reduce costs. Here are some ways to prolong the service life of ink cartridges.

1.Protecting Your Printer
When cartridges aren't used and you don't know how to store them properly, you'll significantly increase the duration of the cartridge, which may cause long-term damage to your printer. If used inappropriately, the cartridge may cause dust particles to accumulate and ink overflow, thereby damaging the equipment. You don’t want to deal with the unnecessary expense of a malfunctioning printer on top of replacing your expired ink cartridges.Sometimes we suggest that the cartridge with lid should be installed on the printer immediately. Think about it: If you don't use the printer every day , the cartridge will stay in the printer for a long time. A long time of idleness will cause the ink to dry up, a little negligence, when you refill the ink, may cause clogging.
2.Place ink cartridges in cool and airy places.
Ink cartridges should always be stored in a cool ventilated place. It is also important to ensure that the cartridge is not exposed to any temperature above the average room temperature when storing the cartridge without using it, because heat causes bubbles and bubbles in the liquid. The expansion and subsequent shrinkage of the heated ink during cooling can damage the cartridge over time and may lead to future leaks during use.
3.Keep inkjet cartridges stored in the dark
Direct sunlight and some artificial light sources have been known to degrade the quality of dye sublimation ink in stored cartridges. If you keep your ink cartridges in dark or dimly lit conditions, it is actually highly likely that those that are already opened can be successfully stored for up to six months.

     As for the storage of ink cartridges, if you follow these methods, I believe it will help you.If you have other questions,please contact us freely.
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