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5 Steps To Teach You How To Start Up A Printing Business And Run A Custom T Shirt Online Store

Recent days, some of my friends ask me how to start there t shirt printing busniess,now, I make up some information about that.If you are thinkinh about plenty of business solutions online,you are supposed to start up open an online store with extra possibility for customers to personalize products, you should know what steps to take for the start. This article is specially written to guide you in this question.

 1. Choose printing equipment for your business
  (1)Direct to garment printing is very good for small runs and custom orders, gives quality prints, colorful and durable. You need to buy DTG printer which prints straight onto a t-shirt. It is expensive for the start but it's your business and if you want to print quality products with comfort and ease, you should know that it requires some investment. 

direct to garment printing


 (2)Heat transfer printing is affordable in price solution. You need to use an inject or laser colorful printer, special heat transfer paper and a heat press. Heat presses are much cheaper than DTG printers. By using this method you get a colorful photographic print but a print may have a heavy look and fades after several washes. To get better quality, use only quality heat transfer paper and ink, the result will tell for itself. 


(3)Dye sublimation is better for printing custom orders. More expensive than heat transfer printing because it requires not only a heat press but also a special sublimation ink printer. By applying a sublimation process you get quality, durable print but it works only on light colored polyester t-shirts, not suitable for cotton. 

(4)Vinyl heat transfer printing is a good solution for custom printing t-shirt business but only if you are going to print simple text or vector artwork. You will never get a photographic print because you need to cut each color separately form a vinyl film and then heat press it onto a t-shirt.

 Traditional screen printing is excluded from this list because it's only good for mass production and not suitable for custom orders.

2. Create a unique design
Your online store should obviously have its own unique face, but if you don't have money to pay for individual design at the very beginning, you can use one of free templates which is usually included in good shopping cart platforms.

heat transfer printing

3. Choose Web Hosting and Domain name
Some companies who offer a shopping cart with Product design tool will host all software on their server for extra fee or offer a free hosting solution. Anyway, in most cases it is better to self-host your software, at least you will have have total control over it. Search the Internet for the most popular hosting providers.

dye sublimation t shirt printing

4. Add products to your online store
When you are launching an online store, make sure it has something to offer. Very poor choice of products won't give you any benefits.

5. Advertise and promote
Make your products well-known to all over the world. There are many promotional techniques described in the Internet which can be helpful to you.