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Some notes on adjusting the amount of sublimation ink.

    In the process of heat sublimation transfer, ink should be adjusted to achieve a certain level of color. The specific tone of the ink is the same as that of ordinary ink, but the color of the heat transfer ink printed on the heat transfer paper and transferred to the fabric is different. Therefore, we need to use heat transfer technology to transfer heat transfer ink to the fabric, and then look at the color fine-tuning.

Here are some notes we need to know.
1. It is generally believed that light ink is used as base ink and then other ink is added. Thermal transfer paper technology needs to make full use of this ink volume to avoid overdose.
2. When adding sublimation ink, dark ink should be added step by step. Do not add too much at a time, so as not to use a lot of light ink to remedy.
3. When the hue is close to the color sample, the thermal transfer should be carefully added to the ink, especially for those dark inks and low added inks. It is good to apply inks by applying the relationship between primary colors, intermediate colors and complementary colors.
4. When there is color deviation, the dye sublimation ink with the closest hue should be selected. If the red color is not yellow enough, you should choose gold red or orange red. You can't easily add yellow ink.
5.When using this heat transfer paper, attention should be paid to the effect of paper viscosity on ink color.
6.Understand the influence of ink layer thickness on color depth.
7.Remove the wet sample of the standard color ink and mark it. It can be used as a standard reference wet sample when the ink is next dispensed. Parallel proofing with the color wheel during blending is beneficial for comparison, but it needs to be and because it is wet, the accuracy will be higher.
8.The use of heat transfer paper should take into account the characteristics of post-processing. For example, if printing needs polishing, ordinary ink can be selected. If you choose waterborne ink with good abrasion resistance, the cost will be high and the polishing effect will be affected.
9.Similar blending, the more varieties of blending, the darker the color, and our heat transfer paper technology needs to be able to use primary ink never use intermediate ink, heat transfer can use intermediate ink never use duplex ink.
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