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We need to know the main points of choosing good quality UV ink.

     UV ink has many advantages, is widely used in the market, the importance of UV ink is self-evident, choose a good UV ink printing products better, how to choose a good quality of UV ink, the following methods are relatively simple.

1. Observe the color of UV ink.

UV ink is sensitive to ultraviolet light. If the printing UV ink continues to be exposed to ultraviolet light (such as sunlight and fluorescent lamps), the UV ink will continue to react and turn yellow, which is the defect of UV ink itself. Unless specific UV ink is used.

2. The smell of UV ink.

Another index of UV ink odor is the residual odor of UV ink after printing, which can not disappear after a long time. The main reason is the improper selection of UV ink materials and the use of some cheaper chemicals with larger flavor. It is difficult to improve this point fundamentally, mainly because of the cost and selection of suitable materials. Material problem.

3.Analyze the quality of UV ink from the residual solvent volume.

The main source of the odor in the printing process is the residual solvent in UV ink. Under normal conditions, the residual solvent is less than 2%. Under special circumstances, such as cigarette bag UV ink, the requirement is less than 0.5%. But in today's soaring oil prices, many suppliers have added a lot of solvents to reduce the cost of UV ink, such as alcohol and solvent. Toluene and other high up to 25%, so that the long-term development of UV ink and environmental protection is unfavorable.

4. Discoloration

Printed paper, if the ink discoloration, can be forced to use ink drying, such as drying or more put a little time to solve, or the use of neutral base oil, solvent-free UV ink, solvent-free books and periodicals UV ink to reduce ink discoloration tendency.

5. The cost of UV ink.

It is very important to choose a reasonable and reliable ink supplier because of the cost of transportation when purchasing UV ink. For example, Skyiamge.

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