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More details about Kiian Hi-Pro dye sublimation ink

  KIIAN sublimation inks it can deliver solutions for a wide range of applications. Sublimation, disperse direct and pigment inks for digital textile printing. All water based. All are reliable and sustainable.Do you know more details about Kiian Hi-Pro sublimation ink?

Kiian Digistar Hi-Pro sublimation heat transfer ink
1. Water-based digital ink is printed on paper, first printed on paper, then transferred to fabric.
2. Sublimation is the most common technology of professional printers in the garment industry. It is the connection between textiles and graphics.
Suitable Printers
Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki printers with Epson (DX4 and DX5 DX6 ) piezo print head.
1.Dye sublimation ink ,Water based inks
2.Four colors, C/M/Y/K
3.For sublimation solutions 
4.used for dye sublimation transfer
5.Produced from only non hazardous, hypoallergenic raw materials
6.All packaging material is biodegradable or made from recycled materials
7.New generation, waterbased piezo ink for digital sublimation
8.Thanks to its innovative formulation it can be used with any type of wide format digital printer on the market
9.Eco-friendly: free from Alkylphenolethoxylate (APE)

Wide application
1.Printing on polyester and polymmid(Lycra, Nylon)fabrics used in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.
2.Printing on mixed synthetic fabrics(min 60% of synthetic fibres) used in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.
3.Printing on plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of sport equipment such as ski, snowboard, skateboard, windsurf, etc
4.Printing on every substrates (wood, cermics, glass) overprinted with polyester-based or polyammid-based coatings.

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