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The cleaning solution for Epson 5113 print head after using

      Epson 5113 printhead has 4 lines, each line has 800 nozzles, totally 3200 nozzles. Its firing frequency is 17.8 Khz, which makes its speed nearly 40% higher than DX5 printhead.Because of more nozzles, printhead physical resolution is higher, so the printer with 5113 heasd can be achieved 3PASS high-speed printing, single printhead speed up to 30 square per hour.

Ways to Clean Your epson 5113 Printhead
    Check your nozzles and run cleaning cycles using the menu on your printer before you open up your unit and clean it manually.
Printhead Cleaning Cycles
     •The Epson printer model is characterized by a very efficient cleaning cycle, usually cleaning the nozzle in one or two cycles. However, newer printers have longer cleaning cycles, they use more ink each time. The following is how to start:
    •Before you do anything else, make sure the printer isn’t showing any errors on the LCD screen.
    •Press the Home button and select “Setup” then select “Maintenance.”
Select Printhead Nozzle Check
    •Your printer will produce a page with four colored grids designed to illustrate which nozzles are blocked (and which are not).
    •If no gaps are present, select done.
    •If there are gaps or some lines are faint, select “Clean the printhead” and continue.
    •Caution: Never turn off your printer during a cleaning cycle. Doing so can cause permanent damage to the unit! 

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