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High-performance PecisionCore Micro Piezo TFP print head technology

     Pecisioncore is a combined term for a printer head technology featuring Epson's original high-performance thin film piezoelectric (TFP) components. The core of the technology is its newly developed Precisioncoremicro TFP printing chip. Previously, EPSON's thin film piezoelectric printing head was only used for commercial large format printers. But after repeated research and development, TFP printing head technology has been applied to a wide range of products from industrial printing to office printing.

The characteristics of print chip

1. Excellent scalability, product compactness and high performance. These modular chips can be combined in different ways to generate linear printers for industrial label printing and serial printers for desktop document printers.

2. The chip is only 1 mm thick. It includes a thin film piezoelectric element as an ink conveyor, an ink cavity and a channel for transferring ink, as well as a nozzle plate for droplet spraying. There are 800 nozzles on the nozzle plate (arranged in two rows, each row of 400 nozzles). Each nozzle has a diameter of about 20 microns and can spray small droplets up to 1.5 microliters. The 1 micron thick piezoelectric film on the printed chip is an ultra-thin ceramic component which is coated on the surface of the silicon wafer with a special liquid material and then baked. Nozzle plates, piezoelectric converters, and ink cavities are all fabricated using the MEMS process, a technology used in semiconductor chip fabrication, which is mounted on silicon wafers with extremely strict quality control. 

3. Microelectromechanical Systems, MEMS refers to the micro mechanical device installed on silicon wafer by semiconductor precision machining technology.

4. The piezoelectric actuator shrinks after the applied voltage and produces the droplet ejection force. The conveyor can shrink 50.000 times per second (50 kHz), transfer ink to the nozzle through a high-precision ink channel, and eventually spray it onto the printing medium. In other words, droplets can be sprayed extremely precisely onto the substrate at a rate of 50,000 per second per nozzle. On solid printers, these chips can print out the perfect image as fast as possible.

5. Nozzle self diagnosis

The thin film piezoelectric elements used by Precision Cores shrink after applied voltage and generate a reverse voltage. The piezoelectric element can be used as a sensor to diagnose the nozzle state by analyzing the driving signal waveform of the piezoelectric element. The rest of the system can be compensated at the next appropriate stop point for any nozzle that needs to be maintained during operation, ensuring high quality printing and maximizing normal operation time.


     EPSON regards Precision Core as a powerful inkjet printhead technology. Looking ahead, Epson will continue to develop thin film piezoelectric technology, continue to refine Precision Core technology, expand the larger market.

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