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Some steps about operating the heat press correctly

    In today's society with the rapid development of science and technology, hot press is playing an increasingly important role in the production of more and more social fields. Do you know how to operate heat press?


1.Before using the heat press, it is better to do a good job of the transfer sample in advance to determine whether the heat transfer machine color temperature and time is appropriate.

2.Before transferring, make sure that the transfer paper is basically dry to avoid incomplete transfer, stain and so on.

3.The pattern of transfer paper and the fabric before blowing and finishing, remove the fabric and transfer paper scraps, cilia and other attachments. These fragments will lead to printing defects between transfer paper and fabric.

4.Sometimes because the pressure plate separation is too fast, the upper pressure plate due to the air adsorption paper, and then adjust the throttle valve to the plate heat exchanger cylinder (or cylinder) to slow down, to avoid paper in the suction after falling, this time easy to cause ghost. To avoid ghost, sticky sublimation transfer paper can also be used.

5.As the buffer material (cotton, sponge, cardboard, etc.), the bottom plate absorbs moisture in the ink. When printing, there will be too much moisture and the color of the pattern will fade. So often empty several times before transfer and transfer, the moisture on the cotton pad will evaporate, if the conditions can be changed in time, make the pad dry, to avoid this situation.

6.Make sure the front and back of the fabric before transfer printing. If the transfer paper covers cotton or nylon fabrics incorrectly, the two sides of many fabrics are different and the color is not clear, such as sportswear polyester / cotton, umbrella polyester / nylon, etc. After transfer printing, it will be found that the color is lighter, wash it off, and check the transfer machine, transfer paper, ink and so on can not find out the reason, brain injury may want to check the fabric positive and negative. Check the two sides of the fabric at this time.

7.Attention should be paid to safe operation in the process of printing. Strictly prohibit placing hot plates under the hands and avoiding high temperature burns.

    In the normal operation of heat press, we should pay attention to these aspects, the correct operation can effectively prolong the life of the heat press machine.

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