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Some notes you need to know about using sublimation paper

    Sublimation paper is indispensable in dye sublimation printing technology. It is made from base paper with special paint. The image transferred by sublimation paper is bright and colourful and can be preserved for a long time. When we use sublimation paper, we need to pay attention to these problems.

1.Notes on the printing room

1) the printing temperature should be controlled at about 20-25 degrees, and the humidity should be controlled at 50%-70%.

2) the printing room must be kept clean. Avoid dust pollution in the air polluting paper, ink or even printer nozzle, causing printer damage.

2.Precautions of printers

1) the printer should be reliably grounded, so as to avoid bringing static electricity to the printer and affecting the printing effect.

2) The printer is placed at a level to avoid ink phenomenon caused by uneven ink pressure in the printing process.

3) wash the ink bag every 3 months and wash the ink stack and scrape regularly.

3.Note printing

1) please use sublimation transfer ink.

2) Do not touch the surface of sublimation transfer paper directly, which may pollute the paper and affect the printing effect.

3) stack drawings to ensure that the pattern is completely dry, otherwise it will lead to pollution of blueprints and scrap.

4) Set the optimum temperature (180-230 ℃) and transfer time (10-40S) according to the operating environment and the machine. Please note that different transmission temperature and time are selected for different fabrics.

5) In the process of transportation, the hot-pressed surface, transfer paper and the surface of the printed material must be close, can not have a gap, otherwise there will be transfer pattern blurred.

6) it is easy for the fabric to contract heat and make it flat for 1-2 times. If you add viscous sublimation transfer paper, you will get better results.

7) Colour calibration before printing. The surface of the transfer machine needs to be kept clean. Some experiments are carried out in small images to gain experience and then transfer formally.


    When we use dye sublimation paper, not only to pay attention to sublimation paper itself, but also pay attention to the surrounding environment and related equipment.

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